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AP Latin Exam 2023 Highlight

Celebrating Elena Lee's Achievements: AP Latin Exam Excellence & Acceptance to Top US and UK Universities

Elena's journey to mastery in Latin is notable. Starting with our Oxford Latin Program, she progressed through to the advanced AP level at Emerson Latin. By taking courses consistently from the start and utilizing our proven accelerated curriculum, open to anyone willing to work hard, Elena completed the entire coursework in less than half the typical time. She excelled in international contests like the National Latin Exam, winning the gold medal and attaining summa cum laude honors.

We are thrilled to share that Elena's achievements extend beyond academic excellence. She has been offered early acceptance to Oxford University, one of the world's most prestigious institutions, as well as admissions to top universities and liberal arts colleges in the US, including Princeton, UPenn, Dartmouth, Williams, UCLA, UC Berkeley, and Johns Hopkins.


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