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2024 NLE Prep Course

Register for our Contest Prep Course for the National Latin Exam. All students with previous Latin experience are welcome! We will prepare for this international contest with study guides and several previous exams dating back decades. We will review essential reading & vocabulary skills, grammar forms, and background knowledge on Roman culture, necessary for scoring high and winning one of the top prizes. Join now while seats are available.

5-week Online Prep Course

January 29 - March 10, 2024

Grades 5-6

NLE Level 1: Friday 6-8pm KST

NLE Level ½: Saturday 2-4pm KST

NLE Level ½: Sunday 9-11am KST

Grades 7-11

NLE Level 1: Saturday 9-11am KST

NLE Level 4: Saturday 11-1pm KST

NLE Level 1: Saturday 4-6pm KST

NLE Level ½: Saturday 6-8pm KST

NLE Level 1: Saturday 8-10pm KST

NLE Level 2: Sunday 11-1pm KST

NLE Level 2: Sunday 6-8pm KST

Registration Deadline

January 26, 2024


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