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NME 2023 Results


Winners of the 2023 National Mythology Exam

The study of mythology allows us to understand our world, global literature, and art while also helping us to make classical connections to contemporary culture. The National Mythology Exam strives to make mythology accessible to all students, from elementary to high schools, and is given annually to over 6,000 students in approximately 300 schools in the United States and internationally. We at Emerson Latin wish to congratulate our students on their phenomenal achievement this year in the National Mythology Exam. The following is the breakdown of the awards for the 2023 contest:

Gold Medal

Perfect Paper

Gio Hyung

Haeun Kim

Gold Medal

Summa Cum Laude

Alexander Hyun Lee

Sophia Yunchae Park

Jehyeong Suh


Silver Medal

Maxima Cum Laude

Charles Cho

Min-Chae Kang

Eunwoo Yoo

Medals won by students at Emerson Latin for the 2023 National Pegasus Mythology Exam: 5 Gold, 3 Silver


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